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Export Distortion to After Effects Mesh Warp ... Science-D-Visions, 2015-03-10 Contents 1What is Export Distortion to After Effects Mesh Warp ...
2Background information
2.1Mesh Warp coordinates
2.2Generated Files
1What is Export Distortion to After Effects Mesh Warp ... Export Distortion to After Effects Mesh Warp ... is an export script for transfering §ion_lens_distortion; data to &after_effects;. It does not need any additional plugin. Exporting §ion_lens_distortion; to &after_effects; uses &after_effects; Mesh Warp filter. The exporter creates two &after_effects; Presets which convert §ion_lens_distortion; data to Mesh Warp Presets for removing and applying §ion_lens_distortion;. It also writes a jsx script file to build compositions within your &after_effects; project and applies Mesh Warp Presets automatically. Lens Distortion to After Effects Presets... exporter can be found at

3DE4&guiarr;File&guiarr;Export&guiarr;Export Distortion to After Effects Mesh Warp ...

First, the textfield gets a path and filename for the jsx script file. Mesh Warp Resolution defines number of rows and columns for the resulting Presets. Startframe defines which frame gets first keyframe. Sometimes overscan is needed. For that case Overscan needs to be checked and a resolution which is greater than tracked footage resolution must be entered. Hitting Ok will write all files required for &after_effects;. Within &after_effects; you need to run the generated jsx script file.
2Background information The exporter samples a set of points and calculates how they are transformed due to Lens Distortion. These transformed points define Mesh Warp Preset for either removing or applying Lens Distortion. 2.1Mesh Warp coordinates All data stored in Presets are given in unit coordinates. That means the Presets may be applied to any layer regardless of resolution. 2.2Generated Files The exporter script generates three files, two preset files and one java script file. You should always use the script file to generate necessary compositions and apply both presets. Java script file needs both presets at execution. If they are not present the user is prompted to select them manually. Paths to both presets are absolute within java script. You need to change that when their folders change.
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