Lens Distortion Nodes for Solid Angle Arnold - updated lens distortion models
  • c++
  • Lens Distortion Nodes for Solid Angle Arnold - updated ld models David Haguenauer
  • 3DE4 R4b1
  • Arnold 4.2

This is an updated version of Belal Salems Lens Distortion Camera Node for the Solid Angle Arnold render engine(www.solidangle.com) supporting the updated lens distortion models of 3DE4.
It is based on the 3DEqualizer Lens Distortion Plugin Kit (ldpk)from (www.3dequalizer.com). It allows to render the CG elements directly with the lens distortion that matches real live action footage lens distortion according to the 3D tracking camera solution done by 3DEqualizer.

The node extension is based on (ldpk-1.7) and (Arnold-, but should work withearlier versions.
This version was particularly developed for Maya, but should be compatible with any application using the Arnold Renderer.

For detailed instructions how to install and compile this package, please have a look at the original tech doc.
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