WarpDistort Shake Node v1.5
  • c++
  • WarpDistort Shake Node v1.5 by Mark Visser
An archive that contains source code and a makefile for compiling a Shake node plugin that allows to apply/remove distortion from images, according to 3D-Equalizer's lens distortion model, originally developed by Mark Visser. Version 1.5 is an improved version, done by Michele Sciolette.


  • reading warpd files
  • working with proxies
  • cache id format
  • hasEffect returning 1 only if distortion is happening
  • Dod,Roi correctly set depending on distortion settings
  • SetLinger
  • maxDod to avoid huge DOD getting created
  • set max number of iterations to 400 to reduce artifacts in "undistort" mode
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