After Effects Lens Distortion Plugin (Mac OS X)
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  • After Effects Lens Distortion Plugin (Mac OS X) by Christian Buettner - Science-D-Visions
Required Version: 3DE4 R1
File > Export > After Effects... exports a 3DE Scene as a javaScript file that has to be run in After Effects.
File > Export > Export Lens Distortion Data to After Effects... exports the lens distortion data as a javaScript file. In order to use this file in After Effects the Lens Distortion Plugins for After Effects are required.


3DE lens distortion model Plugins for After Effects CS6 64bit (Mac).


Copy plugins from bin directory to After Effects plugin directory.

How To Compile

Modify make_all.csh to set XCODE_PATH, LDPK_PATH and AE_SDK_PATH properly.

Afterwards run ./make_all.csh

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