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If your temporary (rental) license has not yet expired, or if you are working on a permanent one and it suddenly shows up as "Invalid" in 3DE4's License Manager Window, there could be problem with your networking hardware. 3DE4's "System ID" number is computed out of the first networking card, found in the system.

Please make sure that your license server's "System ID" has not changed:
  • run the 3DE4 executable (found in 3de4 install dir/bin/)
  • wait until 3DE4's License Manager Window opens up
  • enter the name of the (license server) machine which's "System ID" number you like to find out
  • press the button "Rescan"
  • press the button "Show System ID": a small window opens which shows the desired "System ID"
If the "System ID" number is not equal to those number found in the license file you received from us, then most likely your networking hardware has changed somehow.

For instance, please try to enable and/or disable your license server's WLAN hardware, since this might force 3DE4 & flcd4 to switch back to your original "System ID"!

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