3DE4 Installation Instructions
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  • Installation Instructions for 3DE4 Release 4 (and higher) All OS


3DEqualizer4 Release 4

Operating Systems

Linux, Mac OS X, Windows


Installing 3DE4 should be pretty easy. Download the archive that matches your operating system and decompress it to a directory of your choice. That's all.

How to run 3DE4

To start 3DE4, simply double click on the install dir/bin/3DE4 icon or open a shell and run it from there.

If you wish to setup the regular version of 3DE4 (not the PLE version)

Shortly after the splash screen has closed, 3DE4's license manager opens. Enter the name or IP address of your license server machine in textfield "License Server". Enter your 3DE ID in textfield "3DE ID" and press RETURN. A small window opens up, requesting you to enter your password.

If you haven't requested or received a license yet, click on "Send License Request". The "License Request Form" window opens. Select a purchase from the list and/or enter a comment in the lower textarea. Finally, click on button "Send License Request". Please allow us a bit to process your request - it usually should only take a few hours.

If you want to force 3DE to download the current license data again, simply press button "Fetch Licenses". Now you should see the same licenses as listed in your 3DE account under "Purchases & Licenses".

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