Prakash Chand Chand
About Prakash Chand
Languages English
Preferred Working Region India
Software Skills
Pf track
Autodesk maya
3d Equalizer
Working In Industry Since 2018-02-01
Using 3DEqualizer Since 2018-02-01
About Me I have overall 4 Years of experience in CameraTracking. Accomplished 3D & VFX artist. Worked in multiple hollywood & bollywood projects with diverse teams of artists. Ability to learn new software and technology in a short time period. Collaborative, articulate and supportive working style with strong creative and problem solving skills. Skilled at Camera tracking, Object tracking. Perform: Camera tracking,Object Tracking,Body Tracking,Asset Modelling. Matchmoving using 3Dequalizer and pfTrack, Asset Modelling Using Maya. Contact : +91 8789690556 Mail id :
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