Simon Lehembre
About Simon
Languages Français, English
Preferred Working Region
Software Skills
Cinema 4D
Working In Industry Since 2005-03-01
Using 3DEqualizer Since 2015-01-01
About Me Simon Lehembre made his cinema debut at 20 by winning two screenplay contests, the "Prix Kieślowski" and "Prix Mission 2000". These awards enabled him to direct a 35 mm short film, Les Deux Pulls, which was selected in many international festivals. Specializing in special effects, he became an infographist and has been working for about 15 years now, in France and Canada, on productions such as Mr. Nobody, Minions, Game of Thrones, Blade Runner 2049, Stanger Things. Meanwhile, he kept on writing and directing short films such as Le Cheveu Blanc, which won an award at the "Fantasia" Festival in Montréal, a webfiction entitled Microfilms, and a multi awarded animation clip : Step by Step.
Jan 2015 - Jul 2019
Lead compositor Nuke
Rodeo FX
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