3DEqualizer4 R7
  • 3DE4 R7
  • 3DE4 R7.0 now available 3DEqualizer4 Release 7.0
  • Dear Friends of 3DE!

    a new major release of 3DEqualizer4 has become available. With 3DE4 R7.0 we are changing our release schedule strategy - there won't be any public beta versions with integrated time bombs anymore. Instead we will only release well tested, stable and generally "production ready" versions without time bomb mechanism from now on...

    The major new features of 3DE4 R7.0 are:

    - Python 3.7 support. 3DE4 comes with its "own" version of Python3.7 - as a consequence it must be started through a wrapper script named "run_3DE4" (Linux and Mac OS only).

    - We changed our development system for Mac OS and 3DE4 now runs natively on Apple Silicon CPUs (only).

    - We removed 3DE's legacy font rendering engine and replaced it by a more modern approach. In addition the GUI got a general overhaul. There is now a quick access menu for opening recent projects, text field widgets no longer squeeze its content and fisheye footage is being displayed without any problems now.

    - There has been an annoying System ID bug under Windows which caused flcd's system ID to change randomly. This has been fixed now once and for all!

    In addition, we fixed a number of bugs as usual - pl. see change log below...

      Cheers, Rolf

      • Python 3.7 support
      • Added a new font rendering engine
      • Comprehensive GUI overhaul
      • Added native Apple Silicon support (mac os only)
      • Ported all scripts to Python3
      • Improved realtime rendering of undistorted fisheye footage significantly (F1/F3/F5/F6)
      • Improved mathematical robustness of fisheye distortion model
      • Added a quick menu for fast opening of recent projects
      • Added a feature for saving the order of to be adjusted parameters (para adjust window)
      • 3DE now prevents 3DE ID password from being displayed
      • Added a feature for exporting focus data to Maya (v2.8)
      • Added a feature which forces 3DE to save backups of the current project (prefs)
      • Added a feature to rotomation editor for copy/paste of curve data, exchange with curve editor
      • Added a feature to object pgroup z-distance tool for copy/paste of curve data, exchange with curve editor
      • Added features for configuring the look of F1/F5 horizon line (attr.editor->project)
      • Added feature which allows to import UV texturemaps incl. alpha channel
      • Reconfigured F6 ortho mode so that clipping planes are much more usable now
      • Removed warp4 from GUI and distribution
      • Fixed a bug which could cause script "align to ref pattern" from stop working (v1.2)
      • Fixed a bug which caused flcd's system ID to change under windows (once and for all)
      • Fixed a update bug when generating UV texture maps (Windows only)
      • Fixed a bug which could cause 3DE to crash (rare, parameter adjust window->advanced options)
      • Fixed a bug which caused Attribute Editor custom scripts not to receive update callbacks
      • Fixed a bug which caused tde4mhpd not to work properly ("/sbin/route command not found")
      • Fixed a bug which caused script "normalize squeeze x/y" not to work properly
      • Fixed a bug which could cause 3DE to crash when setting extra-long list widget labels
      • Fixed a bug which could cause 3DE to crash (lock pos. channels)
      • Fixed a performance problem with "empty" reference frames (solver)
      • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to import 3DE's export data into blender 2.8
      • Additional minor bugfixes and improvements
      • added R7.0 personal learning edition

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