3DE4 R4b2 - Bugfixes and minor improvements
  • 3DE4 R4
  • 3DE4 R4b2 - Bugfixes and minor improvements 3DEqualizer4 Release 4

Dear Friends of 3DE!

R4b2 has become available. We mainly fixed a number of calculation core related bugs which were introduced through the implementation of 3DE's new network calculation mode. In addition, there are a few minor GUI & python improvements... see changelog below.

Now we're ready to move on for more new stuff - stay tuned!

Cheers, Rolf

  • fixed a number of bugs which caused many calculation core related problems (stereo & sync)
  • improved some aspects of 3DE's calculation requester (clipping planes, button behaviour, etc.)
  • added two python commands for converting 3D data to/from object point groups
  • updated "import kuper" script, now properly taking care of object pointgroups (v1.4)
  • added 12bit dpx support for 3DE and warp4
  • improved performance of warp4 under certain conditions (import of .3de file containing links to large objs)
  • fixed an update problem with deviation browser (show selected points only option)
  • fixed another update problem with deviation browser (python interface)
  • fixed a bug which caused python command "filterPGroup()" not to work properly (stereo)
  • fixed a bug which caused various lineup controls functions not to work properly (stereo)
  • added "key+/" functions to "edit 2D tracks tool" script (v1.4)
  • slightly improved the behaviour of autotracking spline masks (now enabled by default)
  • added a visibility attribute for geo line objects (python)
  • updated script "geo line attributes" (v1.1, "visible" toggle)
  • parameter adjustment window now disables more buttons while adjustment procedure is running
  • improved the behaviour of script "export 3d models as obj" (v1.5, lines now handled correcty)
  • fixed a significant number of calculation core related problems

  • introduced a new framework for network calculation (parameter adjustment, dynamic curve calculation)
  • python command saveRenderCacheFrame() now provides subpixel accuracy (offset_x/y parameters)
  • python command saveRenderCacheFrame() now uses a black background
  • python command saveRenderCacheFrame() is now about 10% faster
  • updated "render out" script taking changes to saveRenderCacheFrame() into account (v1.3)
  • added python command saveRenderCacheZBuffer() for saving out depth map image files
  • added script "render out depth mpas" (overview controls)
  • added an option for defining the line rendering width used by 3DE's overview controls and render output
  • added python commands for accessing 3DE's new line rendering width attribute
  • added python commands for accessing a project's motionblur samples
  • added a number of python commands for accessing 3DE's image controls features
  • added a script for animating image controls (motiontracking controls)
  • fixed a problem which caused python scripts not being able to modify camera paths properly
  • added 2D & 3D point color settings to 3DE's "point defaults" script (v1.1)
  • patched an OpenGL performance problem (OSX 10.8 or higher)
  • added playback range indicators to deviation browser, curveand timeline editor
  • added duplicate lens script (object browser>context menu)
  • improved script "import raw lidar scan" (y-up/z-up option, reduce point density option, v1.1)
  • disabled 3DE's "auto levels" feature (import float footage, 8 bit color conversion)
  • added a new script for modifying a 3D model's pivot point (orientation controls)
  • added new frame range options to script "reel in points" (v1.4)
  • updated script "create dyn. curve keys" now allowing to choose between focus and focal length (v1.1)
  • reduced min. focus limit to 1 cm (calculate dynamic curve requester)
  • added a new option to lineup controls which forces 3DE to ignore non "lineup only" points for calculation
  • updated script "match frame all" (ignore non "lineup only" points option, v1.1)
  • hidden 3D models are now displayed in dark grey (object browser)
  • added python commands for accessing a camera's shutter angle
  • added a script for reversing the tracking curves of all selected points (motiontracking controls)
  • fixed a number of calculation core related bugs

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