Weta Digital LDPK Nuke Nodes
  • 3DE4 R1
  • Weta Digital LDPK Nuke Nodes 3DEqualizer4 Release 1

Dear Friends of 3DE!

It turned out that our new lens distortion models, recently introduced with 3DE4 r1b10, are much more powerful than our "vintage" classic one.

To make them even more powerful, in terms of integration into production pipelines, our friends at Weta Digital developed a Nuke node infrastructure which is based on our lens distortion SDK (LDPK).

The cool thing is, they released their work as open source:

Nuke nodes for 3D Equalizer lens distortion plugin kit

In addition, there is a 3DE4 Python script which allows to create a Nuke 3DE distortion node (.nk), compatible to the currently selected camera (incl. dynamic lens distortion):

Export Nuke Distortion Nodes v1.3

Many thanks to Peter Hillman, Wolfgang Niedermeier and Lee Bramwell!

Cheers, Rolf

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