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Dear Friends of 3DE!

during the last few months we constantly added more online flash tutorials to the tutorial section of our website, discussing 3DE4's work flow and new features.

Today we:
  • added a tutorial explaining the usage of 3DE4's Parameter Adjustment Window in detail
  • added a tutorial which demonstrates how the matrix tool can be used for extracting focal length and lens distortion information out of regular sequence frames
  • updated part one of the autotracking tutorial, basically discussing techniques for identifying badly tracked points

In addition, we recently:
  • added an exercise demonstrating how 3DE4's Lineup Controls can be used for roughly lining up a camera to given .obj survey data
  • added an exercise which practically shows how to create a survey point cloud out of reference frames, quickly construct some basic line geometry and export everything as an .obj file

We will add more tutorials within the following weeks and months - please stay tuned!

Cheers, Rolf

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